Not your basic snacks 


Nothing is as fulfilling as a yummy snack packed with healthy goodness, it’s like the 2 for 1 offer at your favorite sartorial store right? Keep scrolling for my top 5 healthy snacks. Avocado on toast: Ditch your basic bread spread for avocado and blueberries. Aside from the healthy fact that avocado contains unsaturated fat [good […]

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A minimalist ‘s hair diary 


It’s been a year and a half since I embarked on my natural hair journey and boy has it been tough! Well, only in the beginning. If you’re a curly hair kind of girl, you know what I mean, it takes dedication, patience and much love.  As promised, today am spilling the secrets to the […]

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Are you slowly slipping off the 2017 wellness master plan?


If you’re indeed doing so then this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Don’t beat  yourself about it, you’re not the only one it’s been such a struggle on my side too. It’s been a battle field keeping up with my 2017 wellness goals and honestly, by this time of the year am […]

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You’re not your fat arms!


Is it just me or is arm fat the most annoying and stubborn fat on the body? You body could literally be that of a super model but your arms that of the fat lady, arm fat ruined a lot of my pictures, I had to convince people that I am not my arms! But […]

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Weekend vices


My snapchat feed is loaded with heavy smoke, pop bottles, rare dance moves and Zappa on flames every weekend! Am not here to judge, just stating facts I mean if you’re going to dance with the devil, you must be able to look him in the eyes!Did you know that every time you smoke your […]

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Go for a run in your own shoes 


Hello beautiful people, happy new week! Today am sharing my tips on something that we all need in our lives; running. As you may know, in order for your achieve your fit body goals the 3 major key alerts are resistance training, cardio and nutrition . After delving about it, I realized running is quiet […]

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Hello beautiful people,January has finally come to an end, hurray! Today am sharing with you this monochrome pink look I created after wondering if there is such a thing as too much pink. Putting this ensemble together was so much fun, I picked out everything pink and headed for the mirror, in the end I […]

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Hello beautiful people, today I bring to you my favorite smoothie recipe that you should all try like yesterday. This smoothie is a life saver especially on those mornings when you’re running late and have to skip the breakfast [which I strongly discourage, don’t skip breakfast but if you have to…..well]I literally fused my favorite […]

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The classic ruffle sleeves


Happy new year beautiful people, Today I bring to you the trend that closed 2016 and is swimmingly ushering us into 2017, the ruffle sleeves. Taking on different styles from boho chic to Gallic chic, it’s no secret this trend has made a major come back and is somewhat a classic now! I paired mine […]

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My looks from Kampala fashion week


Finally! I had so much fun styling these and working with amazing designers, my closet is still recovering from the annihilation, whoops! Day 1; I was all daring and dangerous in vibrant colors, this ensemble was so much fun putting together, I had in mind this young adult who is so excited and ready to […]

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Best red carpet picks from Abrayans style and fashion awards [ASFAs]


Hello beautiful people, Did you scream TGIF last Friday as much as I did? Well it was Uganda’s biggest red carpet event of the year of course I was excited.  Being a fashion blogger, I get inspiration from everywhere that includes other people and if anything gets them out of hiding all at once, it’s […]

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Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2016


Another November/December has come and gone and am still not a Victoria’s Secret angel [sobs] but hey my dreams are valid, congrats Irina Shayk you’re such an inspiration and a sign of hope! This year the show went down in the city of lights and thanks to Vogue magazine and the ever gorgeous Izabel Goulart, […]

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